How to "Fall in Love" with Your Car Again

This Valentine’s Day, in addition to that special someone, make sure you spend some time appreciating that special something in your life. That would be your car, you know, the one that you drive every day and sometimes neglect or forget to take care of. Remember that excited feeling you had at the beginning of your relationship with your vehicle when you first purchased it? Try to renew those feelings for Valentine’s Day by taking care of your car so it will take care of you.

  • Car Wash – Winter has likely caused a layer of grime to accumulate on your vehicle. Instead of just a normal car wash, opt for a more advanced package to show your vehicle how much you appreciate it. A good cleaning inside and out along with a wax can make your car shiny and looking brand new. This can bring back those feelings you had for it when you saw it for the first time.
  • Maintenance – Certain things can annoy you about your vehicle like how it makes a funny noise or how it’s not getting the gas mileage it once did. Treat it to an oil change and some other preventative services including a transmission fluid flush, power steering service, fuel system maintenance, air filter replacements, and much more.
  • New Tires – In addition to a car wash helping your car look brand new, a new set of tires can improve its appearance and functionality. Your car will ride smoother and you can save gas mileage with properly inflated tires. You’ll be safer on the road which shows love to yourself and your family as well.

Don’t forget to spend some time taking care of your car so you can fall in love with it all over again this Valentine’s Day. At Fast Eddie’s you can get your car washed and your maintenance done at the same place and time. Give us a call today at 800-882-0501 for more information.

Why Having Your Car Washed Regularly Can Keep Your Paint in Great Condition

You know that getting your car washed makes it look good, but are there any other benefits to having it washed? The answer is yes, getting your car washed regularly can actually help keep its paint in great condition. Most of us don’t wash our cars very often, and some drivers only do so when they get really dirty.

How often you should have your car washed depends on what it’s exposed to on a regular basis. If your vehicle is often dirtied by bugs, bird droppings, tree sap, rain, salt from coastal air, and other elements, ideally you should be washing it weekly. If those conditions don’t apply and your car stays relatively clean, you may be able to have it washed monthly. On average, you should be getting a car wash about every two weeks.

All the previously mentioned contaminants can do more than just make your car look bad. They can also slowly deteriorate your vehicle’s paint job. Over time some of those sticky substances can cause damage to paint, and the longer you leave them on your car the worse it gets. If you clean your vehicle regularly the paint will be protected, keeping it in great condition over the long term.

In addition to just having your car washed, you should also have it waxed. Wax protects your vehicle’s paint job from the elements. It also guards against minor damage. Even if you don’t mind a bit of paint damage, it could significantly lower your vehicle’s resale value. A process called claying can also remove particles that are trapped in your car’s paint job. Clay can draw them out to keep the paint from being damaged.

Fast Eddie’s can help you determine which of our car wash packages is best for you. Give us a call at 800-882-0501 to learn more.

How to Make Your Car Look More Attractive to Potential Buyers

When you decide to sell your vehicle, you want to get as much for it as you possibly can. One of the best ways to do this is by making your car look as close to brand new as possible. While you certainly shouldn’t try to pass your vehicle off as being new, potential buyers will want it to look good for sure.

Most buyers don’t want a “project car” unless they want to buy it cheap and fix it up themselves. Even though some buyers will want the vehicle tested by a mechanic, others are happy if it runs well, looks good, and has proper documentation.

When it comes to maximizing the aesthetics of your car, there are a few things you can do. In short, you’ll want to clean every aspect of the vehicle you can. That means the interior and exterior of the car and even components under the hood like the battery.

Take the vehicle you want to sell to a professional car wash and opt for what will be the most expensive package that includes the works as well as hand waxing and more. Before you take your car in for a wash, clean out any trash or personal items. This also goes for the trunk.

The Works package at Fast Eddie’s Wash and Lube includes tire cleaning and shine, an underbody blast, sealer wax, triple coat foam wax, and more. Getting your vehicle washed isn’t quite enough if you want to impress potential buyers, you’ll also want it detailed.

The hand waxing package at Fast Eddie’s includes the car wash as well as tar and smudge removal. Your vehicle’s seats, floors, and mats will all be cleaned, as will your windows, door jams, and ashtray. The service also includes Armor All for the dash, a tire shine, and an air freshener. Opting for this package will certainly add value and make your vehicle more attractive to potential buyers.

What That Smell Coming from Your Car Means

When it comes to potential problems with your vehicle, your senses will often alert you to something unusual. Whether it’s a noise that isn’t normal or a feeling like shaking that doesn’t seem right, the warning signs are often there. The sense of smell can also help alert you to potential problems with your vehicle. The nose knows when something is a bit off, so learn more about the smells you might encounter and what they could mean.

  • Burnt Rubber – This smell is exactly what it means, a rubber component is causing issues. This could be a slipping drive belt or misplaced loose hoses rubbing against rotary accessory drive pulleys. Avoid reaching into the engine if it’s hot.
  • Gasoline – If you smell gas, chances are your car has a gas leak which could be from the fuel tank itself or a fuel injector line.
  • Hot Oil – If you can smell hot oil, it means oil is leaking onto your vehicle’s exhaust system. To verify that the smell is leaking oil, check for oil on the pavement and/or smoke coming from the engine.
  • Sweet Syrup – This may seem like a good smell, but a sweet syrupy smell can be a sign that your car is leaking coolant. Avoid opening the radiator cap if it feels hot.
  • Burning Carpet – If it smells like a rug is on fire, you might have brake problems. Get your brakes check out right away because this could be a serious safety hazard.
  • Rotten Eggs – The smell of rotten eggs is usually associated with sulfur and it’s no different here. It could mean that your catalytic converter is failing to convert hydrogen sulfide to sulfur dioxide. Engines that are running poorly can cause this issue.

Stop into Fast Eddie’s Wash and Lube today for all your vehicle maintenance needs.

How to Remove Unwanted Scents from Your Car

Buying a used car often make sense financially, but used vehicles sometimes come with some unwanted scents. Even if you bought your car brand new, after time it can start to smell bad for a variety of reasons. Here are some ways to remove those unwanted scents from your vehicle effectively.

Interior Cleaners
Many times odors will come from the car’s A/C. One of the best ways to remove those odors is with a cleaning product containing enzymes. This kills the odor at its source which stops the foul odor. Don’t use household cleaners because they’ll only mask the smell temporarily.

Cigarette Smoke
Cigarette smoke is one of the most difficult smells to remove from your vehicle. That smoke gets into your car’s interior including the upholstery and inside the A/C vents. To remove the foul odor, shampoo your carpets, upholstery, and headliner with an enzyme-based cleaning product. After that use an odor neutralizer with enzymes.

Cleaning A/C Vent System
You’ll want to clean your vehicle’s A/C vent system to make it smell better. Start by turning the A/C on all the way with the recirculate option being off. You’ll need an odor killing spray with enzymes. Spray a good amount into the exterior air intakes (just below windshield wipers) and allow the vehicle to run for 10 minutes with the A/C on and then 10 minutes with the A/C off. Next, spray into the inside A/C vents and let your car sit for 20 minutes turned off with the windows rolled up. Repeat if necessary.

While you can try eliminating odors yourself, the best and most effective way is to have your vehicle professional detailed including a complete steam cleaning. To learn more about the detailing service offered by Fast Eddie’s Wash and Lube, call us today at 800-882-0501.

Image: Please use an image of smelly items in a car, or cigarette smoke, or anything that would be an offensive odor.

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